Fall is in the air

As summer winds down, so do most farmers markets. While some stay open through the winter, we are choosing to focus more on a delivery system that is both modern and old-school.... delivery, but milkman style.  Place your order online and we'll deliver open orders each Wednesday.**  If you've finished that bottle of dish soap, laundry liquid, Sal Suds, toothpaste (yes, Toothpaste!), or even Plaine Products, leave the empty one out and we'll swap out the new for the old.  We'll then handle the cleaning and refills. 

There are still a few markets this year - find them HERE. Note that we're off next weekend for Fall Break.

** If you cannot wait until Wednesday, reach out and we'll see what we can do.


What's in your cleaner (part 2)

A 2018 study done by a team from Norway's University of Bergen concluded that regular, long-term exposure to cleaning products significantly affects lung function? Sometimes the impact was noted to be equivalent to smoking cigarettes over a long-term period!  If you use cleaning products regularly (and who doesn't?), check out the ingredients and learn about what's in it. To help you out, the Environmental Working Group compiles a database of cleaning products to help you see the ingredients and understand them. We've compiled the EWG ratings of some of our products, compared to some of the largest brands in the US.