Effective 1/1/20, all Feminine Hygiene products are no longer subject to CA sales tax.

Affiliates & Non-stocked items

As part of the journey to go plastic-free or more eco-friendly, we often find things that we simply cannot stock and sell in a farmers market. Whatever the reason that we can't stock them, these are products that are amazing and we can personally recommend. (Plus, full disclosure - we do earn commission if you buy through the links below.)  Have questions? Send us an email, or ask us when you swing by the market.

Avocado Green Mattress: These mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in sunny California with only the finest naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials. Their mission is to be the most respected source for organic mattresses and pillows at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices — to help safeguard your health and protect our planet. Natural mattresses with only the best materials: GOLS organic certified latex sustainably harvested from rubber trees, from organic plantations and facilities that they own; GOTS organic certified wool, prized for its cooling and moisture wicking properties, from a herding collective that they also jointly own; and GOTS organic certified cotton. They also own the factory in Los Angeles, where the organic certified beds are made by hand. In short, the best mattress I've slept on in years. Don't forget the organic cotton pillows.

Pela Case: These smartphone cases are made of plant-based (think flax and hemp), compostable materials, and they will take them back at the end of useful life and compost them for you! I drop my phone OFTEN, and this case has protected my iPhone from all of the spills. Thing is - with all of the phone models and cool designs, there is no way we can carry sufficient inventory for everyone. So click on over through this link next time you need a new phone case and get one that you can feel good about, all while knowing that you can't possibly drop your phone as much as I do.