Zero Waste Bubble Party!

As the weather got warmer and the kids were going outside, we did a Giant Bubble Challenge in the backyard. Part entertainment, part science experiment, we set out to see how best to make giant bubbles... the zero waste way!

The kids grabbed a few kitchen items that we had lying around, and tried different configurations of bubble wands. They tried bending a coat hanger, using chopsticks and twine in various shapes, using straws and string, and even pipe cleaners. We then mixed up a few different solutions to see what worked best. Of course, we started with the old tried-and-true dish soap + water recipe. We didn't have any glycerin on hand, so that may work for small bubbles... but we were hoping to make GIANT ones. Hand soap + water... I wouldn't let the boys make too much because hand soap ain't cheap! But then we found it.

Biokleen's all purpose cleaner concentrate is the PERFECT bubble solution. It's thick, doesn't take a lot of dilution, and you can mix it up without the plastic bubble bottles and wands. It's also nontoxic (with a B rating from the EWG Healthy Cleaning Guide). Below are our winning wand design and solution recipe.

For the wands:

Grab 2 chopsticks and a bunch of kitchen twine or string. We used the heavier twine, because that's what we had. Reusable straws will work for this, but chopsticks are ideal because the tapered shape can help keep the strings from slipping when covered with bubble solution.

The chopsticks will be the handles of your bubble wand. Cut 2 pieces of kitchen twine - say 16" long and 10" long. Tie each of them to the same spots on the ends of your chopsticks. This will create 2 handles, connected by a triangle of twine. To use it, dip it in the bubble solution, and gently move it to start the bubble. Bring the wand tips back together to "close off" the bubble and watch it float!

For the solution:

Mix two parts all purpose cleaner concentrate with one part water. 

Enjoy making the bubbles, or make it competitive. Upload videos of your bubbles to share with us, or to take the competition to your friends and extended family. It is whatever you make it!