We’re a Certified California Green Business

We’re a Certified California Green Business

We at Byrd’s Filling Station are proud to announce that we have completed the certification process with the California Green Business Network!  Our commitment to the environment goes farther than just reducing plastic - we strive to reduce our own footprint in every way that we can. That includes electric vehicle use for local deliveries, recycled everything, green cleaning products, and reusing any packaging that we can.  (If you got something – particularly a glass jar – for a prior local delivery, leave it out the day of your next delivery and we’ll pick it up for cleaning and reuse!)  Shipping containers are all repurposed, too, and we prefer to work with vendors who ship without plastic when possible. 

Join us and over 4,000 other (certified) innovative businesses across California as we strive for a cleaner tomorrow.  For our children, our food supply, our health, and continued biodiversity, it’s important that we start to recognize that there are cleaner ways to live.  Wherever you are in your path to sustainability, we’re here to help.

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