Refilleries and Economies of Scale

One of the hardest parts of owning a small business is the costs.  Yes, rent, staffing, and utiliites are expensive, but for small retailers there is an added layer of the cost of goods. Big retailers purchase such large quantities that they get special pricing that isn't available to us small shops. We spend a ton of time trying to ensure that we have the most competitive prices around, even in the face of record inflation. That's why today's upgrade feels particularly sweet!

Since last year's grand opening, our business has doubled. Some of that is that the refill concept is catching up, and some is that our community has offered tons of suggestions and we're carrying nearly double the inventory selection now. 

With the rise in popularity of refilling things, we're ordering in larger quantities. One big struggle we've faced since the beginning is that the big brands don't want to participate in the refill revolution and won't sell to us in large enough quantities.  But those gems (looking at you, Puretergent, Rustic Strength, Dr Bronner's) who offer bulk and like the concept helped us even get to where we are.  While we started with 5 gallon containers, we're now ordering 15 gallon drums, or 30 gallons, or even 55 gallons of a product!  With these increases in orders come some price breaks.  

Long story short - we cut our costs and are passing the savings along to you.  ALL of our dish and laundry liquids have decreased in costs - by nearly 10%.

If we aren't growing, our revenue will decrease from this, so we have a favor to ask. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  We price compared our brands with the equivalents on the market, and you will save money by refilling instead of buying a new plastic bottle of dish soap or laundry detergent of an equal size. 

With the news of refilleries and zero waste shops closing often, it's important to support these brands AS WE GROW.  If you can afford it, be the early adopter and enjoy the perks of knowing that you are driving market forces.