Ladies, this one's for you

We get a lot of requests about what to do for "That Time of the Month".  While I can talk about my own personal experience, every woman has very distinct needs and preferences in this area. This area is particularly challenging to source, for a number of reasons.

First, there are SO MANY products out there. Tampons, pads, pantyliners, period underwear, cups... and each of those has a ton of options. Tampons with or without applicator?  Absorbency? Shape? Size and color of underwear? Size and color of cups?  A lot of it is also shaped by the bathrooms we are frequently in. If it's a big row of stalls in a public restroom, your comfort level with a cup may be different than someone who works from home.  There isn't a right or wrong answer on this, but there are a thousand different ways to answer the question. Whatever your preferred method, we hope to help you get the best!

So we're introducing as many options as we can, in the hopes of making plastic-free periods common.  We'll have even more to come as we move into 2022.  But even in the fight to go plastic-free, there has been a controversy stirred up recently in the period underwear realm because it was discovered that more than half of period underwear brands have fluorine and "forever chemicals" in their products.  These chemicals are extremely worrisome since they:

1. Don't get eliminated by our bodies like other toxins do, so repeated exposure builds the amounts in our bodies,
2. Are in contact with some of our thinnest dermal layer, making absorption rates high, and
3. Are highly toxic, with the following types of effects:


So as we endeavor to bring a collection of feminine products together, we want to be diligent around which products we source. Rest assured that regardless of which product you buy from us, we're working hard to make sure that you're getting the healthiest, most eco-friendly options available to you.