Everything you ever wanted to know about a bidet attachment

Everything you ever wanted to know about a bidet attachment

Curious about a bidet attachment? Unsure what to think? We got one to try (thanks to the rush on toilet paper of this pandemic), and wanted to give some feedback! So here goes:

We got the Luxe Bidet Neo320, because I'm not one to enjoy a shock of cold water in the middle of winter, and this model has both cold & warm water options, a feminine wash option, and is self-cleaning. 

Question: Was installation really as simple as people say? 
Answer: Yes and no. What made ours complicated is that the warm water that I wanted is actually on the other side of the wall under the sink. So while the cold water piece installed in minutes with no special tools, I had to drill through the wall and cabinetry to get the warm water. But I'm a wimp when it comes to cold, and I am not afraid of a drill, so I finished in about 30 minutes.

Question: Does it really work?
Answer: Yes! Without a doubt, it feels cleaner. Someone pointed out once that if you were changing a diaper and got some on your hands, you wouldn't just wipe it with TP and call it clean... you'd wash with water. That resonated with me.

Question: Should we use water in a drought-prone state?
Answer: Now that's up to you, but consider that it takes 12-37 gallons of water to produce one roll of TP... so unless you're bathing with your bidet, you're saving water in the long run.

Question: But now my tushy is all wet. Don't I need to dry off?
Answer: Sure, there are a few ways. You dry yourself after a shower with a towel - why not use one for this, too? After all, you're cleaner now! (Just make sure to keep them separate and wash in hot water... you don't want to risk contamination!)  Out of dry towels? Use a square or 2 of TP. Drip Dry, even. Shake like a dog after a bath?  That may be a bit much.

Whatever you end up deciding, a bidet attachment will get your rear end cleaner, save you money, and reduce the trees & water needed to make toilet paper. What are you waiting for?