Don’t live in near San Mateo? Now you can still enjoy (almost all) of our products!

local only shipping

That’s right – we now ship throughout the US for our non-bulk items.  Certain products (think refillable soaps and detergents) are heavy and come packaged in glass jars.  The shipping for that would be neither cheap nor eco-friendly, so we have classified those as LOCAL ONLY.  If you purchase these items, you must be in the greater San Mateo area or contact me to arrange pick-up or delivery.  Local pick-up remains free, as does local delivery for orders over $25.  Local but have an order under $25?  No worries – either contact me to arrange a pick-up time and place, or I’ll happily deliver for a small fee.

If these LOCAL ONLY items are not in your cart, you’ll have the choice between UPS and USPS shipping options, with free shipping on orders over $60.   And don’t worry – if something is LOCAL ONLY, it’s clearly stated in the product name.  Can’t miss it, I promise.  (Technically USPS and UPS will take your money to ship it, but your eyes may bug out of your head when you see the cost.)

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we find the best ways to build out a sustainable business.  We look forward to shipping to you soon!

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