Bike to Byrd's with Move San Mateo

Bike to Byrd's with Move San Mateo

This blog post was guest written by a customer and community activist to draw attention to easy ways to be more sustainable about how we move and shop.

Hello! I'm Sean Lacson, Team Co-Lead with Move San Mateo, the city's Active Transportation Advocacy group.  I love taking my bike to Byrd's for a grocery run, since it gives me a chance to enjoy decent weather, and forget about paid street parking for a little while.  Admittedly, downtown San Mateo's bike racks are not as easily found as one would hope.  If you ever need a spot to lock your bike or scooter while shopping at Byrd's, here are my favorite spots:

Bike racks on 3rd and San Mateo Drive:  One of the best spots for parking downtown due to easy access and central location to numerous businesses within walking distance.  These racks can fill up quickly in the summer!

 Bike racks on 3rd & San Mateo Ave

Street signs on 2nd and San Mateo Drive:  On the opposite end of the block from the bike racks on 3rd, there's enough space to squeeze up to 4 bikes here if you've got long enough locks.  

 Bike Racks 2nd Ave & San Mateo Ave

Paid parking meters on 2nd and San Mateo Drive:  Just around the corner from the street signs on San Mateo Drive are some parking meters on 2nd, which work great for locking up to two bikes/scooters each.

 Meters 2nd Ave

Inside Byrd's Filling Station: Another great alternative - park inside the store!  You'd be surprised at how many businesses are flexible with you leaving your bike inside the store while you shop/eat.  Just always be sure to ask the staff if you can leave your bike/scooter/skateboard inside in case someone already used the available store space!