Handcrafted Bar Soap

Three Sisters Apothecary

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Handcrafted in small batches in Sonoma County, these bar soaps have a distinctive appearance. They are naturally made in the centuries old tradition of soap-making with gourmet oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals. Plants and herbs were first used as a source of wellness and were associated with myth and magic. By the 1600s, herbal healers were persecuted as witches. Through the centuries, the healing powers of herbs have remained and today they are once again revered for their benefits. These bar soaps celebrate that tradition. Naturally retained glycerin soothes and moisturizes skin.

Available in 5 scents:

Eucalyptus & Mint: Aromatic Eucalyptus and Peppermint blend artfully to create a rich bar to cleanse and pamper skin. A preferred choice in poultices for surface irritations, Eucalyptus is a potent topical antiseptic. It is combined with peppermint which imparts medicinal and aromatic properties to cool and reverse dullness and oiliness. The Renewing Complex works in concert to cool and hydrate dry and thirsty skin. 

Coastal Cedar & ElemiAromatic Coastal Cedar, a fixture of the Pacific Northwest landscape, was used by native cultures for its calming benefits to relieve dryness and associated itching of the skin. Cedar has a warm, balsamic and woody scent that supports healthy oil balance on both face and body. Spicy and crisp Elemi has a long history in skincare with rejuvenating properties that restore a natural vibrancy to aging and sun-damaged skin. Cedar and Elemi combine with Arnica, Goldenseal, gourmet oils and butters in a nourishing blend to pamper skin. 

Mission Fig & HoneyMission Figs, a rich part of California history, are rich in beta carotene, natural vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Naturally occurring enzymes in figs combine with actives in honey and dandelion to exfoliate, hydrate and clarifying naturally as they tighten pores and optimize skin’s sebum production. Treasured for its ability to provide balance and a natural glow, Honey was highly valued by ancient civilizations. 

Meyer Lemon & Agave: Meyer Lemons, a true winter gem with a floral aroma is cultivated in the citrus-growing regions of California. Together with succulent Agave Nectar it clarifies the skin and provides sebum balance removing aging surface cells to revitalize and renew skin tone. Agave Nectar, prized by ancient Aztecs and rich in saponins is considered a gift from the gods. It was used for hundreds of years as a folk remedy to treat a variety of skin conditions. Ultra-soothing this bar hydrates with naturally retained glycerin.

UnscentedUltra-moisturizing, this Goat Milk & Honey unscented bar soap combines rich cream and minerals found in Goat Milk with gentle Oatmeal and decadent Honey to lightly exfoliate and pamper all over. Treasured for its ability to provide balance and a natural glow, Honey was highly valued by ancient civilizations in skin care rituals. Oatmeal, rich in anti-oxidants soothes sensitive skin and locks in moisture as it absorbs excess surface oils.