Frequently Asked Questions

When is Byrd's Filling Station open? 

Our grand opening will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 3rd, with events in-store all day on Saturday, June 4th. Store hours will be:

Tuesday - Friday     10am - 7pm
Saturday                   9am - 6pm
Sunday                     9am - 5pm
Monday                     Closed

During the soft launch period (now through June 2nd), store hours will be :

Tuesday - Friday     11am - 6pm
Saturday                  10am - 5pm
Sunday -Monday      Closed

Can I bring in and refill my own containers, even if I didn't get them from Byrd's before? 

 Yes! Bring in that old laundry detergent bottle, the (clean) spaghetti sauce jar, or your reusable produce bags. All of these are great to refill with our products, simple weigh them at the weight station, mark with the RFID tags provided, label and fill. 

Some of your products say refillable.  How does that work?

For most bulk products, glass or aluminum packaging is used. When you’re done with the product, you’re welcome to keep the bottle or jar for your own reuse. Return it for refill and reuse by bringing it back in-store!  If you purchased a pump or spray nozzle with the product, keep the pump for your next order, which will come with a cap. 

This includes Plaine Products and toothpaste jars, as well as all cleaning products. Unsure?  Shoot us a message or ask us when you come visit.

What is the process to ensure safety in the COVID-19 era?

Great question. Luckily, the virus has not shown to be contact-based, and soap is very effective at killing any virus that's present. We thoroughly wash and returned items prior to reuse to ensure that nothing transfers. Containers that are sanitized and ready to use with food products will be marked.

Masks are encouraged in the store due to the current surge, but not required.

I’m curious about a product, but not sure. What’s your return policy if it isn’t right for me?

We have tested out these products and believe you’ll love them, but sometimes the products and the person just aren’t right for each other.  We accept returns in their original packaging within 14 days after purchase for a full refund. Refills in personal containers are not eligible for refund..

    I really like [insert product here].  When will you offer that?

    All of our products have been vetted and tested on us before putting them up for sale.  We’re constantly discovering new products and working on new partnerships.  Don’t see something you like?  Let us know in-store or at and we’ll look into it (or let you know why it isn’t in stock yet).

    I don’t live near San Mateo.  Why don’t you ship all of your products?

    Our primary goal in starting Byrd’s Filling Station as to reduce our carbon footprint in a number of ways.  Removing plastic, finding green products, and eliminating unnecessary packaging are some of the ways, but honestly it just isn’t eco-friendly to ship heavy packages of liquids and detergents to faraway places. Join our newsletter to hear about any changes in this policy or any extension of our range in the future!