For Business

What about plastic reduction on the work front? While a lot of attention around single-use plastics reduction is focused on the individual, businesses can offer more sustainable solutions as well. Is your business interested in learning more about how to reduce plastics, decrease the use of toxic cleaning products, or possibly even get certified as a California Green Business? We can help with that!

All of our products score a rating of A or B on the Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning, one requirement of Green Business certification. Conventional cleaning products not only come in single-use plastic that can't always be recycled, but they also contain toxic substances which have been shown to be as harmful as smoking. The same applies to everything from the floor cleaners, dish soap in the kitchen or break room, and the hand soap & lotion in the restrooms.

Whether you're looking to reduce solid waste, provide healthier working conditions for your maintenance staff, or generally promote a 'greener' work environment, Byrd's Filling Station can help. We work with entities to provide bulk products, customized refill schedules, and deliveries that fit your needs. Contact Laura for a free consultation and to discuss a customized plan that's right for you.