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Personal Care Starter Kit

Byrd's Filling Station

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Starting out on this plastic free journey, personal care items were the hardest to find. The products had to avoid plastic, but they also had to WORK. Scents included here are light and unisex. We hope you enjoy these items as much as we do!

This kit includes:

1. One all natural deodorant, packaged in kraftboard and compostable when you're done. The most effective all natural deodorant we have found!
2. Luxurious, Unscented all natural lotion bar. Think body butter, but nongreasy.
3. A generous 0.5 oz Vanilla Spearmint Lip Balm, also packaged in kraftboard. This size is 3x typical lip balm volume.

Thanks to our friends at Silver Falls Sustainability Company for creating such great products with so little packaging!