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Oral Care Starter Kit

Byrd's Filling Station

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Where to start with all the problems with contemporary oral care products? Toothpaste tubes aren't recyclable, dental floss is plastic, and Americans annually could fill a football stadium 6 stories high with containers each year. Not to mention that every plastic toothbrush ever used still exists, and will outlive us. This kit can help make sure you're not part of the problem!

This kit includes:

1. Four bamboo toothbrushes (one year of toothbrushes, or enough for a family of 4)
2. One 60 mL jar of Nelson Naturals toothpaste
3. Silk dental floss in a stainless steel container.

Return the toothpaste jar when it's empty - we are planning new products to reuse them! If you are local, just leave it out the day of your next delivery and we'll pick it up.