Vegan Shampoo Bar
Vegan Shampoo Bar
Vegan Shampoo Bar
Vegan Shampoo Bar
Vegan Shampoo Bar
Silver Falls Sustainability Company

Vegan Shampoo Bar

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This zero waste shampoo bar is good for up to 60 washes. It can last as long as a 16 oz bottle, but with none of the plastic waste. It's made in Oregon from vegan, organic, natural ingredients.

Wet the bar and run it over your hair just one or two times and massage to create a rich and nourishing lather. It's good for your hair, and good for the planet! Be sure to pair it with our amazing, all natural conditioner bar.

These bars work well as a body soap, and for shaving!

Frenchie Falls: Named after Frenchie Falls in Silver Falls State Park, this all natural shampoo bar combines organic lavender and rosemary to provide a wonderfully clean experience for your hair.

Opal Creek: Named after the stunningly fresh Opal Creek Wilderness, this all natural shampoo bar combines tea tree and mint to provide a refreshing experience for your hair. This bar is a favorite for those with dandruff, or with dry hair.

Celilo Citrus: Named after the famous Celilo Falls on the Columbia River, this is our newest and sunniest bar! The zesty citrus scent will add some pep to your shower!

Wallowa Wilds: The newest shampoo bars is inspired by the rugged and pristine mountains Wallowa Mountains of eastern Oregon. Featuring Cedar, Sage and Tea Tree oils. Available only for a limited time, and only available stamped!

Product Highlights
3.75 oz (105g)
Natural and organic ingredients
Long lasting, good for up to 60 washes
No toxins or harsh chemicals
No GMOS, sulfates, parabens, phthalates
Made in Oregon
Zero waste packaging