Thanksgiving Menu


Thanksgiving is a major undertaking - let us help you cook!  We'll provide plastic-free dishes in glass jars or paper containers, and recipes to help you prepare and serve them simply and successfully.  We'll take back jars after the holiday to make sure the waste is minimal, too!

See below for more information on ingredients and the required prep for each item.
Orders can be placed in-store or ONLINE, and will be available for pickup Tuesday, 11/22, and Wednesday 11/23 during store hours. 
Marinated Portabella Mushrooms (Vegan)
Ingredients: portabella mushrooms*, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic*, ginger*
Prep: Marinade will come on the side in a glass jar. Pour marinade onto cap of mushrooms, let sit for 15 minutes. Bake, then flip over and baste underside of mushrooms, finish baking. Slice and serve (or serve whole on a sandwich bun or burger!)
Mashed Potatoes (Vegetarian)
Ingredients: Red potatoes or Yukon gold potatoes*, vegetable broth, butter and/or cream*, salt, pepper.
Prep: Reheat & serve
Roasted Pepper & Garlic Hummus and veggies (Vegan)
Ingredients: Garbanzo beans*, tahini, roasted bell peppers*, olive oil, roasted garlic*, lemon juice*, salt.  VEGGIES: Carrots*, celery*, sliced bell peppers*
Prep: None
Brown Rice Pilaf with seasoning (Vegan)
Ingredients: Brown basmati Rice*, Green and Yellow Peas*, Red and Green Lentils*, Wild Rice*, vegetable broth
Prep: Boil water, simmer on low until tender.
Apple Radish Slaw with Cilantro Lime dressing (Vegan)
Ingredients: Apples*, red radish*, scallions*, lime juice*, olive oil, cilantro*, salt
Prep: Serve
Macaroni & cheese (vegetarian)
Ingredients: Lumache pasta*, cheddar & monterey jack cheese*, butter*, cream*, yellow onion*, wheat flour, mustard powder, salt, paprika, black pepper.
Prep: Reheat and serve
Macaroni & cheese (vegan)
Ingredients: Lumache pasta*, cauliflower*, cashews*, almond milk*, coconut oil, tomato paste, mustard powder, garlic*, vinegar, salt, nutritional yeast, turmeric, black pepper.
Prep: Reheat annd serve
After dinner mints (vegetarian)
Ingredients: Butter*, powdered sugar, cream*, peppermint oil
Prep: Serve
Pumpkin mousse pie (vegetarian)
Ingredients: Pumpkin*, sugar*, eggs*, gelatin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves., salt. CRUST: wheat flour*, butter*, salt.
Prep: Keep chilled, serve with whipped cream (optional)
Pecan Pie (Vegetarian)
Ingredients: Pecans*, sugar*, butter*, eggs*, corn syrup, vanilla extract* bourbon, salt.
CRUST: wheat flour*, butter*, salt.
Prep: Serve
Apple Streusel Pie
Ingredients: Apples*, sugar*, wheat flour*, butter*, cinnamon, salt.
CRUST: wheat flour*, butter*, salt.
Prep: Serve