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Hand Sanitizer Spray Refill - LOCAL ONLY (does not ship)

Byrd's Filling Station

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Made by our friends at Devil's Canyon Brewery in San Carlos, CA, this hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol by volume for effective sanitization, as well as a dose of glycerine to protect skin. These packages are intended to refill other hand sanitizer spray bottles or be used with larger (cleaning-type) spray nozzles. Refill comes packaged in a 16 fl oz bottle, or option for spray nozzle. Keep the spray nozzle, return the glass jar!

Full gallon comes in reused (nonvirgin) plastic bottles. Please return for refill. (If no longer reusable, can be recycled in our blue bins)

Quickly and effective kills 99% of germs. Apply a palmful of sanitizer and cover all surfaces of hands. Rub hands until dry.


This hand sanitizer is unscented. If you'd prefer to add a scent, 6-10 drops of essential oils can do the trick!