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Fabric / Upholstery stain + odor remover - LOCAL ONLY (does not ship)


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This unique and synergistic blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, citrus extracts and plant-based surfactants remove the toughest stains and odors and their return. For pets, kids and everyday disasters, Bac-Out® to the rescue every time.

To use, saturate the affected area, let sit for 5 minutes (or more), and blot with rag. May be repeated if necessary, does not need to be rinsed.

A unique blend of live enzyme-producing cultures, botanicals, and plant-based surfactants
Great on pet accidents, wine, diapers and pails, laundry, carpet, and much more.
Full Strength Formula is ready to use. No diluting required.
No artificial fragrance or colors

Packaged in either a 16 fl oz Boston Round glass bottle with spray nozzle or 32 fl oz glass jar.  Return the bottle or jar for cleaning and reuse when empty!

Ingredients: Water (filtered), Glycerin (vegetable), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (plant based surfactant), C10-16 Alkyl Glucoside (plant based), Laureth 7 (plant based surfactant), Citrus Terpenes, Dipropylene Glycol (less than .1 percent), Benzisothiazolinone (less than .05 percent), Viable Bacillus Cultures

Note this product is packed by volume, not weight.