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Stainless Steel Soap Pump for Mason Jar

Mason Jar Lifestyle

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What better way to dispense our soaps and cleaning products than these Beautiful Satin / Brushed Rust Proof Soap Dispenser Pumps?  Made of stainless steel, they complement any Bathroom or Kitchen! When you run out, bring the jar back to refill or buy a new glass jar and swap them out.

The pumps come with a plastic collar that attaches them the soap pump adapter lids and a 4 1/2″ tube (6 1/2″ protrusion into the jar including the part of the pump that sticks into the jar), which is the right length for a quart jar. For a pint jar, cut the tube to fit with a scissors. If you are using a half gallon jar or using the pump with a taller container, we also have 6 3/4″ tubes (8 3/4″ with the pump). Just leave us a note at checkout or send an email and we will send the longer tube instead.

Be sure to cut the tube short enough that it does not touch the bottom of your jar. If the tube is touching the bottom, the plastic collar will work its way off the bottom much more quickly. You can use a drop of super glue between the plastic collar and pump if you find the collar comes loose too often.

Assembly required (but takes 10 seconds).